A post on Facebook about taking daughter Max for her vaccines divided the new dad's Facebook followers in a matter of moments.

Credit: Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook

When Facebook creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo of himself holding his new daughter Max and announcing she'd just received her immunizations, he had to know he was opening a can of worms. Or perhaps he should consider this his inauguration into the vicious world of online parenting.

"Doctor's visit -- time for vaccines!" the new father posted to Facebook Friday along with the adorable photo at left. Flash forward to Monday, and the status update has been liked more than 3 million times, with tens of thousands of shares. It has also received more than 69,000 comments, many of which are supportive, like this one: "Thanks for being responsible!"

And how about this one? "As someone with autism, with a son with autism, as someone who is constantly watching good people put their own children at serious risk because of old, fraudulent fears of vaccines and autism...thank you for being sensible. Thank you for doing what's right and also for showing everyone else that it's the right thing to do as well."

And this one: "As a mom to a child with Autism, thank you for vaccinating."


But obviously it didn't take long for the anti-vaccination crowd to weigh in.

"Vaccine is poison for human kind. It kills more people than it helps. I wish people don't take it as an example here," wrote one commenter.

Another comment read in part:

"I hope the Zuckerberg's [sic] have taken the time to read the full vaccine inserts (not the watered-down one they give parents, the real one they include with the vaccines... They list the ingredients and possible effects of each vaccine product. Medical doctors are usually given very little education on vaccines in medical school, and the info they are given is generally from the pharmaceutical industry that makes the vaccines. So doctors generally are not educated as to the ingredients and effects caused by vaccination. Babies tend to cry when they have been injected with known poisons."

And another commenter said: "I do not believe this at all. Just plain old publicity for vaccines. Who is he kidding. Not me for sure. Who is paying him to do this? I'll bet that baby will get no vaccines, who is with me. I hope this beautiful baby handles all this well. Some babies do better with it than others. You don't know which ones will have a reaction beforehand."

Oh yes, Mr. Zuckerberg, welcome to the world of online parenting! Which you kinda created, but still, be careful out there!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.