The new mom and wife of Ne-Yo has shared some awesome post-baby body pics on Instagram.

By Hollee Actman Becker
March 29, 2016
Credit: Instagram/Crystal Renay Smith

It's only been a week since Crystal Renay Smith delivered her first child—son Shaffer Chimere Jr. with hubby singer Ne-Yo—but the proud mama has already taken to Instagram to share awesome photos and video of her post-baby body.

"1 week postpartum," she wrote in one of the captions. "Being on bedREST 85% of my pregnancy and not being able to work out the entire time was truly challenging and hard on my body. Then to get a C-section on top of that was a major setback."

Renay Smith is rocking a pair of low-rise black leggings with a black bra in the pics—one of which shows a front view of her bod with her surgery scar on full display. The other shot shows off her profile, and I gotta say it's pretty impressive. I was on bed rest for most of my second pregnancy and I looked nothing like this one week postpartum.

"My body isn't what it once was but that's ok because now in the next coming weeks (AFTER IM HEALED PROPERLY) I can share my #SNAPBACK journey and progress with you guys!" the bold mama went on. "This comeback is about to get real y'all! #SJmamabad #JustHadABaby #NoWaistTrainer #StretchMarksWhereBih #MyHusbandIsALuckyGuy #FlawsAndAll."

How cute is she with all those hashtags?

And it doesn't stop there. In her video post, Renay Smith shows off her body even more, twirling around in a circle with nothing to hide. "When hubby says show that video," she wrote, then added the hashtags: "#FlawsAndAll #ComfortableInMySkin #LongAsHELovesMe #1WeekPostpartum #SJmamabad #StretchMarksWhereBih."

Mad props, Crystal! You are an inspirations to us all. Congrats to the whole beautiful family!

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