What happens when you're a reigning Stanley Cup champ who is about to baptize your baby? You do it in said Stanley Cup. Naturally. 

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
September 01, 2017

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Josh Archibald's son, Brecken, just got baptized—and it was a baptism fit for a champion. Archibald and his wife, Bailey, opted to place their three-week-old baby inside the Stanley Cup during the ceremony. Yeah, it's alright if you're jealous of an infant right now. After all, one of his earliest life experiences took place inside one of the most beloved relics of the athletic world!

It was an appropriate move considering Archibald's NHL history. As a Penguins player, Archibald is a reigning Stanley Cup champion. It's only fitting that he baptized his son in the very trophy he and his teammates won.

The baptism took place in Brainerd, Minnesota, where Archibald went to high school. Phillip Pritchard, the "keeper of the cup," shared a photo of the baptism on Twitter. In the snap, the proud parents are holding their son inside the trophy's top. Tradition dictates that each member of the championship team has 24 hours to spend with the legendary cup, and Archibald picked a seriously memorable way to maximize his!

This is pretty much #BaptismGoals for all the hockey fans out there, isn't it? But Baby Brecken isn't the first to be baptized inside the trophy: According to the Hockey Hall of Fame, it's been done before—but that doesn't make Brecken's experience any less cool or exciting!