Little Lotus swaddle

Imagine a crying baby. Now imagine that same baby sleeping and cooing happily -- because you not only mastered swaddling, but you found a magical swaddle to keep baby cozy.

And an innovative new swaddle for newborns (0-3 months), called Little Lotus, could be the magical swaddle parents are searching for. Created by Jane Chen, founder of Embrace Innovations, Little Lotus was designed with functionality in mind, to be comfortable for babies and convenient for parents.

The top can be opened/closed quietly with high-quality velcro, with flaps that fold up/down easily to secure or free baby's arms, and the bottom holds a zipper that will allow for quick diaper changing. All this can be done with baby still in the swaddle so that his precious sleep won't be disturbed. Plus, as Baby grows, there are also three swaddle-like sleeping bags for different weights and months (4-6, 7-9, 10-12), along with blankets that even older kids (up to age 5) can use.

What also sets these swaddles, sleeping bags, and blankets apart is their material -- a soft fabric used by NASA to create space suits -- which helps regulate baby's temperature to keep him from getting too hot or cold.

It's no surprise that Chen created Little Lotus, as she's the brainchild behind the incredible Embrace Warmer, a portable and affordable incubator. The Embrace Warmer costs less than 1 percent of a regular NICU incubator, and it looks and functions like a sleeping bag, keeping preemies in a warm and safe cocoon. It was designed for developing countries that lack the funds and resources to have a typical NICU incubator in their hospitals, and to date, 150,000 babies in 10 countries (such as Africa, Afghanistan, China, India) have survived and flourished because of the Embrace. Even Queen Bey donated funds to have Embrace Warmers provided to babies in Africa.

Chen also hopes to donate one Embrace Warmer to a country in need with every Little Lotus swaddle, sleeping bag, and blanket that's purchased. Chen's team recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for Little Lotus to get funding for production and distribution costs. The items will be available in four designs, including two prints and two solid colors. And to really drive home the universal theme of embracing parents and babies in need,the prints are inspired by the artwork of Drue Kataoka, who created a constantly changing digital art installation from the handprints of notable people and celebs, such as the Dalai Lama, Christy Turlington, Heidi Klum, Stella McCartney, and 17 Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

Ultimately, with Little Lotus and the Embrace Warmer, Chen's goal is to help at least 1 million babies around the world. (And that's no small feat!) Visit to learn more about Little Lotus.

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