Awesome Instagram account alert: Charlie Dreams Big features a tiny baby and some pretty cool artwork.
Credit: Charlie Dreams Big/Instagram

Got big dreams?

So does Charlie Moldavon.

He dreams about being a pilot, a drummer, a rockstar, and Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.

Oh, and he's only a 41-week-old baby.


Charlie's parents Amanda and Dave started the Instagram account, Charlie Dreams Big, in order to share their son's development with friends and family. "We were racking our brains to come up with a concept," Amanda told Popsugar. "When nothing was working, Dave opened up a photo in Adobe Illustrator and began to play around with different ideas and ended up with Charlie's week one picture."

week 1
Credit: Charlie Dreams Big/Instagram

So awesome!

The pair now post one photo a week to the 'gram, with Dave on sketch duty and both parents collabortating to come up with those witty captions and hashtags.

Like this one:

baby gun show
Credit: Charlie Dreams Big/Instagram

And this one:

week 10
Credit: Charlie Dreams Big/Instagram

But our absolute fave has got to be Dave's take on the Peanuts:

charlie brown
Credit: Charlie Dreams Big/Instagram

I mean, the dude's name is Charlie, after all!

If you're feeling a little jealous right now that you didn't think up this awesome idea first (I know I am), know this: Amanda and Dave told Popsugar they plan to share the wealth by developing an app that other parents can download and use to create similar baby dream shots with premade props and backgrounds.

I'm so in... Just tell me where to sign up!

In the meantime, I'll be following Charlie Dreams Big over on Instagram to find out what awesome adventures the adorable little guy will be up to during the last 10 weeks of his first year.

May we suggest... Charlie 2020?

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