Lauren Conrad Plans to Take It Easy on Losing the Baby Weight

Hats off to former The Hills star Lauren Conrad for her super-healthy, body-positive approach to shedding pounds post-baby.

Hooray, Lauren Conrad! Finally, a celeb mom who isn't in a rush to lose her baby weight. The former reality star told People magazine that after welcoming her first child, a son named Liam, with her hubby William Tell, she won't worry about shedding the 35 pounds she gained during pregnancy.

We can stop right there and applaud Conrad for confessing how much weight she put on while expecting, because many famous mamas won't even do that. But then The Hills star said she doesn't "feel the pressure" to immediately snap back to how she looked pre-baby, even though she's in a wedding in a month.

Instead, it seems the first-time mom's approach to losing her baby weight is to take her time and act sensibly—not starve herself and attend four spin classes per day. "I'm going to wait a few weeks obviously and wait until I get the okay from the doctor, but I'm excited to get back into it. I'll see what my body is ready for," Conrad told People.

She further explained her philosophy on accepting her body after baby, saying, "I just made a person. It's fine. And there are always things you can do to make yourself feel better." Conrad further quipped, "Spanx exist for a reason."

I 100 percent agree with this new mom. I was recently pregnant as well, and have no desire to rush myself to lose every last pound I gained. I've got far more important things to focus on, as I'm sure Conrad does. In fact, she said, "I'm trying to focus on things that are positive — like, I've never had boobs before."

You go, girl! Enjoy that baby—and your boobs.

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