Kristin Cavallari Shares Why She's 'Completely Done' Having Kids

The former MTV reality star recently opened up about raising her three children with husband Jay Cutler -- and what the future holds for the family of five. 

The Hills cast may be in the midst of a baby boom, but Kristin Cavallari -- who is already a mom of Camden, 4, Jaxon, 3, and Saylor, 19 months -- isn't planning on expanding her family with husband, former NFL player Jay Cutler. Of having another baby, Cavallari told Us, "We’re completely done. I can’t imagine having another one!"

She explains that she's more than good with her current family of five. "We had three babies in, like, four years, so the baby fever is gone," Cavallari notes. "We feel like such a complete family, especially now that we have a girl. It feels so perfect, that why mess with that?"

Totally understandable! Also, it's not like the reality star-turned-fashion designer doesn't already have her plate full with getting the kids settled in to their new hometown. After he was released from the Chicago Bears, Cutler and Cavallari decided to move to one of their favorite cities, Nashville, Tennessee full-time. 

"I’m lucky that for the most part I can make my own hours and work from home," Cavallari told Us of her new Nashville life, so far. I can be in the office for an hour or two, I can come out and make lunch and then eat with my kids. I have the best of both worlds and I’m very thankful for that. And I honestly wouldn’t be able to do it without Jay. We have a really good system where during the football seasons the last few years, I was more hands-on and I was more around, and then come off-season, work picked up for me. I couldn’t ask for a better husband and better dad." So sweet!

At the same time, she admitted that raising three L.O.s definitely means that she and Cutler have to constantly work on their marriage. "God, I’ll be the first to admit it — especially with three little kids!" Cavallari said. "You have to make time for each other and try to get out of routine here and there. It’s much easier said than done. It really is difficult sometimes. We have a lot of great tools that we learned from therapy, and I think that was the most beneficial part. Just learning how to communicate and walking away with some great tools, which we’ll always be able to use."

Good for her for being so honest about all that goes into parenthood and partnership! Cheers to whatever works for Cavallari and Cutler. Surely, everything on their plates right now will make her even more of a wise resource for other mamas in her circle -- including all of those Hills moms-to-be!

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