In a post-Grammys glam-shot, the star is helping to normalize nursing with her blatant honesty about breastfeeding.

Hollee Actman Becker
February 13, 2017

Mom-of-three Kristin Cavallari is a pro at breastfeeding on the fly, and she's got zero qualms about telling us all about it.

This past spring, the Laguna Beach alum shared a pic of herself on Instagram preparing to pump poolside, along with the hashtag #DutyCalls. She also gave her followers a glossy glimpse of pump life while out on her book tour. "The glamorous side of the Balancing in Heels Book Tour," she wrote on Instagram, alongside a shot of her mid-pump, decked out in a short black dress and heels.

Last week, the brave mama was at it again, describing to Us Weekly her preferred process for pumping in the car—"I'd hold my boob up and then I'd drive with one hand," she explained. Don't try this at home, kids!

Now, after hosting the "E! Countdown to the Grammys" special last night, Kristen is back to talking about breastfeeding on Instagram again, only this time, the Balancing in Heels author wanted to give her nursing boobs a shoutout.

"I just wanna thank breast feeding for making my left boob perkier than my right," she wrote. "Oh, and the glam squad. And spicy, skinny margs. Goodnight!"

How refreshing is her honesty?! Mad props K. Cav for owning that gorgeous post-baby bod and not trying to fake anything with tape or stick-on boobs. And BTW, we think she looks fabulous—go breastfeeding!

Now, how can we get our hands on one of those spicy, skinny margs...?

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