Kristen Bell Shares Baby Lincoln's Cuteness

Kristen Bell is always good for a funny story or two when she shows up on Ellen. (She's a family favorite in my house—I loved her on Veronica Mars and House of Lies, and my daughters, naturally, ADORE Frozen.)

And now that her baby daughter Lincoln, with husband Dax Shepard, has turned one, Kristen has some pretty funny stories to tell—like that one of her daughter's first three words is "boobies." (BTW, way to go, Kristen, for continuing to breastfeed at age 1!) And Kristen's hysterical reenactments of her daughter's dance moves are well worth taking the few minutes to check out. (Who knew there was a dance move called the "New Jersey Turnpike?")

It's clear that Kristen is loving that one-year-old period with Lincoln as much as we did with our daughters. (And in fact, she's even said she plans to step back a bit from her career to spend more time with her daughter.) Kids do so many amazing things around that time period—first words, first dances, and all kinds of adorableness. I remember when we fed my oldest daughter, Katie, ice cream, and she was so hopped up on it that she tried to play with a baby piano and a playhouse simultaneously. And my youngest daughter, Maggie, used to giggle and try to charm her way out of bedtime every night. (Though that's a behavior that continues even though she's now seven!)

Tell us: What are some of the cutest things your one-year-old did? Share your stories!

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