Kristen Bell Shares a Hilarious 'Bad Moms' Multitasking Fail

Kristen Bell told Ellen about her not-so-successful attempt to teleconference in for a script read—while pumping.
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Moms are generally masters of multitasking—you'll often catch me cooking dinner, overseeing homework and maybe trying to write an article at the same time. So I'm totally feeling the stories that cast of Bad Moms 2—Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Kathryn Hahn—shared on Ellen. Check it out: 

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First of all, I love that they even multitask while they're doing their press junket—with Kristen Bell (or KBell, as Mila calls her) serving as masseuse for her two overworked mama friends. Apparently, I need to step up my game for my own mom squad

But then there's the hilarious story of the time Kristen tried to pump on the DL during a table read by conference call, slinking down lower until suddenly, you could hear that unmistakable whirring noise of the breast pumps. And we love that the other two gals had her back to help her keep her pumping on the DL—even as the guys in the room thought the sound was a problem with their Skype connection. I'm sure there's more than one breastfeeding mama who's had an issue with keeping their own pumping discreet during a meeting!

I've been loving watching the interviews with the Bad Moms 2 crew—and I can't wait to catch the sequel. Are you going with your girlfriends?


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