First came North, then Saint, and now we've learned that the third Kardashian-West child's moniker is Chicago!


Leave it to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to drop big, majorly entertaining news on a Friday! The celeb couple, who just welcomed their third child via surrogate on Monday, January 15, have gone public with their daughter's name, and it's ... Chicago West.

Kim took to her app and social media to share the highly-anticipated moniker -- an obvious tribute to Kanye's beloved hometown -- with followers.

The Twitter responses to the eyebrow-raising baby name have come fast, furious, and funny.

To clarify what the family intends to call their tiniest member, Kim later tweeted her three L.O.s names: North, Saint, and "Chi" -- pronounced "shy," according to the mom of three's retweet.

Though Kim's obviously already set on her baby girl being nicknamed Chi, you gotta admit -- "Windy" West has a cute ring to it!