Keri Russell isn't saying much about her new baby, but at least we now know the important details!


Actress Keri Russell and her partner Matthew Rhys may play spies on their show The Americans, but they are just as secretive in their real lives. In May, the couple welcomed a child together, but we didn't know anything more than that.... until now!

The celebrity mom finally opened up about her new addition... okay, sort of. Russell revealed her baby's gender and name during a recent appearance on the "Today" show. And yes, folks, that's it.

Keri, we'll take it! I mean, I feel like I'm up to speed. The star couple have a baby boy, Sam. And he's a big boy, who is nice. What more is there to know?

The actress is also a mom to two older children, Willa Lou, age 4, and River Russell, age 9, with her ex-husband Shane Deary. This is a first child for Rhys, who—according to what Russell told Matt Lauer on "Today"—is doing "so good" now that he's a dad.

So, just to make sure we've got everything: Sam is "nice," and Matthew is "so good." Man, Russell isn't one for sharing a lot of details! But I totally respect that. When so much of your life is in the public eye, it make sense she wants to protect her family.

Still, Keri, thanks for throwing fans a few details!

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