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Just days after she gave birth to son Titan Jewell in November 2014, Kelly Rowland was back in the studio recording Mommy's Little Baby (A Lullaby). And she hasn't slowed down since.

On the same day that her Essence magazine cover, also featuring husband Tim Weatherspoon and Titan, hit newsstands she teamed up with Claritin to welcome spring and to thank New York City's Department of Sanitation for keeping the city streets safe and clean during a gruesome winter. Rowland recently sat down with Parents to dish on why having a baby has made her life so sweet.

When did you first get that "I'm a mom" feeling?

When I breastfed.

Do you still breastfeed?

No. I stopped at three months. There are other things that make me feel like a mom, like being completely number two-ed on. I was fine; I was like, yea I'm a mom, I got it. I caught a whiff, and I'm just fine.

What's the best and worst parenting advice you've received?

The best parenting advice would have to be to take it one day at a time. Everybody always says you're a new parent, no pressure. I'm just taking everything one day at a time because each day is going to bring me something new, if not 10 things new that I have to learn. I'm really enjoying being a parent to Titan. I haven't been given any bad advice. Somebody asked me about spanking and discipline, but I just feel like children are really smart and you're able to talk to them.

You're a new mom, but any funny parenting fails you can share so far?

When he first came home I kept putting the diapers on wrong. I was like, I know how to change diapers, but I kept putting them on wrong. The whole side of his little outfit would just be so wet, so I finally understood what was happening. I didn't know the diaper had another fold on it and all the technical stuff, which protects the leak. I changed outfits; thank god he has enough to go through.

Titan is just over 4 months old. I'm sure you've had a lot of sleepless nights....

No, he actually had his first full night's rest when he was a month and half old. I was scared because I remember the doctor saying to prepare that he has food and the other stuff, but I don't know if there was a growth spurt or something. He was fine. He woke up starving, but he was fine. He's sleeping though the night now from 9 to 6 am.

Do you ever sing him to sleep? Is there a song that you sing that just automatically soothes him?

He loves Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or this song that Verse Simmons wrote for him called Mommy's Little Baby, and You Are My Sunshine. He goes right to sleep.

You watched your friends raise children while continuing successful careers. How have they influenced and inspired you now that you have a son?

They make it look so easy. I actually just sent a note to my sister saying, I don't know how you guys do it. The wife thing, the mommy thing, and you're supposed to be a businesswoman, and you're supposed to, of course, make time for yourself. Now I see why some people go absolutely crazy. But I've found the balance, and I'm grateful that I have people to help me through this process.

What's the most surprising thing about motherhood so far?

How much patience I have. I have a lot of patience, and I never did before. I really have a lot of patience.

What are you most looking forward to sharing with him, either in terms of wisdom or passions of yours?

I really want him to think on his own. I want him to be his own person. I don't want the world to tell him who he is, and that starts from home. That starts with me and his father and my family. I want to raise a good man for a woman so she can depend on him and love him and he love her back. That's all I want.

I'm sure that life is hectic, with your career and a new baby. If you had 45 minutes to yourself, what would you choose to do?

Pray and meditate. I feel very grateful. I'm completely in a state of gratitude right now; life is really sweet.

Melissa Bykofsky is the associate articles editor at Parents who covers millennial trends and pop-culture. Follow her on Twitter @mbykofsky.

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