By Erika Rasmusson Janes

I've started to get bored with the celebrity-mom-gets-her-body-back-5-seconds-after-having-a-baby stories. Is there anybody on the planet who is still surprised when a celebrity—who probably had an amazing figure to begin with, and gets paid to look good—quickly drops her baby weight? Yawn...

Sure, it's impressive to see new mamas like Kate Middleton and Fergie rocking post-baby skinny jeans and mini-dresses, but it's not something the rest of us should feel pressured to achieve. (Please, let's just all enjoy the bigger boobs without worrying about the poochy tummy... for a while.)

So it's refreshing when celeb mamas have a realistic approach to losing the baby weight—and a lot of them do—and revolt against the idea that they need to look like they never gave birth just weeks after, in fact, they did. The latest in that category: Third-time mama Kate Winslet.

I just want to say, "Yay, Kate!" Yay for prioritizing breastfeeding over fast weight loss (because the two don't really go together). Yay for emphasizing self-care over crazy workouts.

And yay for the fact that naturally losing the baby weight seems to be a little easier for her this time around, because a third-time mama deserves that kind of break.

Image of Kate Winslet courtesy of Shutterstock


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