royal family portrait

Prince George is 8 months old, and we're finally getting another glimpse of the royal cutie.

In a just-released family photo—only the third official pic of the prince, according to—the babe is seen sitting with his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, aka the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, at home in Kensington Palace.

First, let's talk about just how darling he is, with his neatly combed hair, chubby cheeks and adorable personalized "George" jumper. (That's sweater in Brit-speak.) And forget his gorgeous mum and dad, he's only got eyes for Lupo, the family dog.

As a mom who struggles to get pretty much any family photo taken, I'm envious of the lovely color-washed palette of this pic, the easy vibe it has and, of course, how gorgeous Kate looks. (That blow-out! Sigh.) Sure, having a royal staff can help keep everyone looking great, but there's still that whole get-everyone-looking-at-the-camera-and-smiling-and-staying-still challenge, which is no small feat when a baby and a dog are involved. (Okay, so Prince George and Lupo didn't get the look-at-the-camera message, but the result is still totally adorable.)

Props to photographer Jason Bell. We can't wait to see the next one!