Kate Middleton and Prince William with Baby George

Kate and Wills are staffing up!

In a move that will surprise no parent, the royal couple is rumored to be on the hunt for a live-in maternity nurse to help out during the first few months after baby number 2 arrives in April, according to the Daily Mail. This is a total 180 from two years ago, when the Duke and Duchess refused to hire help after Prince George was born. At the time, they said they wanted to be hands-on parents, plus they had the Middletons nearby for help.

But a lot has changed since then. Their adorable babe is now a walking, talking, swimming 18-month-old. Kate's been dealing with an epic case of hyperemesis gravidarum. And, most importantly, the seasoned parents have already done the sleep deprivation thing and have the smarts (and money) to say, "A little help here!"

Buckingham Palace hasn't commented yet on the potential hire, but a source has said, "Kate and William loved the early weeks with Prince George, but it was hard work and the sleepless nights took their toll. Kate especially was exhausted." Preaching to the choir here, but still, it's comforting to see that even a future king and queen have to deal with the same new-parent stuff we do.

Of course, unlike us, Kate and William have other "official" reasons to explain their need to hire help, including following royal tradition and Kate's desire to get back to her charity work ASAP. (Genius excuse, by the way.) Whatever they want to chalk it up to, they'll get no judgments here for bringing on an extra set of hands. The truth is, having two kids under 2 in the house is a lot of work—even when your house is a castle.

Now it's your turn: Did you hire help (or enlist the help of family) after your baby was born? Would you recommend it?

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Image of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge courtesy of Shutterstock