Watch this adorable video of a baby with oculocutaneous albinism see his mom for the first time with the help of special glasses.

By Melissa Willets
April 08, 2016

In the feel-good video of the day, watch 4-month-old Leo Reppond see his mom for the first time, and just smile away.

The little guy suffers from a rare disorder called oculocutaneous albinism, which causes very fair skin, hair, and eyes as well as vision problems. According to Elite Daily, Los Angeles-based pediatric ophthalmologist Kenneth Wright designed special, rubber glasses for the tot, which were fitted to a band around his head so he can keep them on.

The glasses also allowed him to make out his mother's face for the first time ever.

In the video of the big "reveal," we see Leo's mom place the glasses on him as he sits, unsuspecting, in an exersaucer. "Hi honey," she coos at him, and immediately his face lights up in a huge grin.

Leo appears to start slowly checking out his surroundings, but then, when his mom speaks to him again, he can't keep that precious smile off his adorable little face.

According to Leo's dad David, there "wasn't a dry eye in the house" upon seeing his reaction to his mama's face. Over here, I wasn't so much teary, but smiley. It's amazing to see this little guy get so happy about finally being able to put a face with the voice that has loved, nurtured and protected him since birth.

Okay, fine. I'm sniffling a bit, too.

What is your reaction to this sweet video?

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