American Baby's September 2015 cover girl gets real about the ups and downs of pregnancy, parenting, and losing the baby weight.

By Maryn Liles
Maryn Liles

We caught up with Jessie James Decker, mom of two and American Baby's September 2015 cover girl and mom of the moment, at a recent holiday event hosted by Hoover in New York City. In our exclusive interview, she dishes about the joys—and struggles—of having two kids, plus shares her words of wisdom for new moms who are struggling with baby weight.

Parents: Is having two easier or harder than you expected it to be? 

Jessie James Decker: It's a little harder, but it's just as much fun. It's twice the love.

P: You've said your pregnancy with Eric was much different than your one with Vivianne. Is he a very different baby, too?

JJD: Night and day. My pregnancy with Vivianne was extremely difficult; she wore me out that girl! My pregnancy with Eric was so much easier. He was very go-with-the-flow in my stomach. You could just tell [...] he was going to be easygoing, and he is.

P: Obviously you look great, but you showed off your abs on Instragram to prove to the world that nothing goes back to normal quickly after birth. What's your advice for all of our moms still struggling with baby weight?

JJD: They were not abs! But yes, I showed my stomach after I had my son [because] I wanted women to see what it really looks like. You can see my mommy pouch and my scar—it's very natural. I want women to not be hard on themselves [...] and to just to take their time, because I am. I've eaten like six mini-burgers tonight. I'm not worried about it.

Maryn Liles is Parents magazine's associate lifestyle editor.


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