The funny mom of two took to Instagram recently to share shots of herself pumping in an airplane and while attending a screen test. 

By Maressa Brown
November 16, 2017
Credit: Kathy Hutchins/shutterstock

Comedian, actress, and author Jenny Mollen never shies away from the all too real aspects of #momlife. If anything, the mom of two -- who shares sons Lazlo, 6 weeks, and Sid, 3½, with husband Jason Biggs -- is known for her super-honest social media posts about parenthood. Mollen's latest selfies involve her pumping -- at 30,000 feet and also while attending a screen test at Universal Studios in L.A. -- and of course the internet is loving 'em.

In the airplane shot, she joked, "Remember that Kelis song, ‘My milkshake brings all the boys to the lavatory’?”

And then she shared this gem from the middle of her work day, captioning it, "Next book cover #6weekspostpartum#joanriversclassicscollection hair and makeup: @kmannmakeup."

All that bicoastal, mid-air travel and work day pumping clearly pays off for this proud mama in the long-haul. Her most recent post is of Lazlo sweetly snoozing post-feeding. Mollen writes, "I always say Lazlo reminds me of that drunk sorority girl at a party who refuses to believe she is f***ed up and already half unconscious. Here is a shot of him milk drunk while I hold back his hair. #gottagethometomybaby"

Ha! Even more proof that we can always leave it to Mollen to offer up a hilarious (but also, you know, totally heartwarming) perspective on parenting.

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