Jenny Mollen's 'Chic' Mirror Selfie Shows Her Body 4 Days After a C-Section

The actress took to Instagram to share a full-length photo four days after welcoming her second son Lazlo.

You can always count on Jenny Mollen to keep it real. The actress, author, and new mom of two took to social media yesterday, Friday, October 6 to share a full-length mirror selfie just four days after she and husband Jason Biggs welcomed their second son Lazlo. Mollen delivered Lazlo via cesarean section, so in the shot, the 38-year-old is wearing a pretty black bra, as well as lots and lots of bandages wrapped around her torso and hospital bracelets.

"Post op chic. #babybiggs," she captioned the photo.

Loving the super-honest, body positive glimpse behind-the-scenes of a post-cesarean body. Presented in her typical tongue-in-cheek style, Mollen's selfie is surely also empowering women to be real and open about what post-pregnancy looks like. In other words, it's not glamorous! And that's totally OK.

Joking in a similar way, Mollen posted this adorable shot with her new baby boy alongside the caption, "New headshots." Ha!

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More of all of this please!

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