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Jenny Mollen Has a New Way of Handling Her Most Difficult Motherhood Moments

The comedian took to Instagram to dish some seriously relatable truth about how time flies when you're living that #momlife. 

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Comedian and actress Jenny Mollen never fails to make us smile and maybe even cry a little with her super-honest observations on life and motherhood. The comedian and actress, who shares 3½-year-old son Sid and nearly two-month-old Lazlo with husband Jason Biggs, has been on a roll lately -- sharing about everything from her post-C-section body to pumping at 30,000 feet. Yesterday, Sunday, November 26, she took to Instagram to share a photo with Sid, alongside a caption that sums up a universal, oh-so-relatable truth about parenthood.

"Today I was struck w the profound realization that none of this shit lasts forever," Mollen writes. "When I first had Sid, I spent the first two years of his life feeling like I’d fallen off the deep end. The gravitas of being a mother was so unbearable that all I wanted to do was run. Not from him but from the weight of the responsibility. Whether it was putting him to bed, getting him out of diapers or simply teaching him not to grab our dogs by their tails I felt as though each obstacle would last forever."

She goes onto explain that she took Sid to a women's clothing store and "he didn't have a total meltdown or try to destroy the place. In fact, he actually enjoyed himself and even insisted on trying on 'something in his size.'" To Mollen, "this was a major win," but also bittersweet, because it proves "he's growing up. Every waking second, he’s evolving."

The moment made it clear to the mom of two that in just 3.5 years, they've "come so far." As she watched him dance around and comment that she should wait on buying the sweater she was trying on but that he would be buying his (ha!), she made a decision. "I promised myself that instead of fighting it, I’d try and enjoy each hurdle," Mollen says. "I want to have every moment with him (even the brutal ones) because they go so fucking fast! (Ps. I didn’t buy him the sweater. But I’m not gonna lie, I came damn close...)"

Parenthood certainly gives you a new perspective on time and growth. It's possible to feel like some moments, like the most teeth-gritting ones, will last forever, and later, look back and feel like that age or phase flew by. 

The promise Jenny made herself, to embrace the challenges, is an admirable one. Of course, the reality is that she's not going to truly enjoy every hurdle. But her realization that they won't last forever will undoubtedly help her navigate this next chapter with little Lazlo. Not to mention that, to anyone feeling that "gravitas" of  parenthood and the baby years, Mollen's message is a welcome reassurance that yep, this too will pass.