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Notorious oversharer Jason Biggs has spilled yet another can of beans about his personal life, this time revealing on Conan that he once sampled his wife's breast milk.

"I just wanted to see what the fuss is about. My kid loves it," Biggs explained to the comedian on Monday, according to People. "I have a right to it as well, don't I?"

Well, no, actually. You don't. That's for your adorable son, Sid. But I'm not surprised curiosity got the better of the new dad. After all, when you're breastfeeding, it seems like your whole life revolves around the milk you're producing: Has it come in and do you have a good supply? Is baby latching on and taking in enough during feedings? Is it leaking all over your shirt? Again? So it only makes sense that your partner would be just a little interested in what's coming out up there. (Even Kim Kardashian couldn't resist taking a sip of sister Kourtney's breast milk.)

The Orange Is The New Black star has been called out on his, um, transparency in the past. And sure, some of the stuff he and wife Jenny Mollen have revealed does feel a little like TMI (see: the time Mollen hired a prostitute for Biggs' birthday). But in this case, he sounds exactly like what he is: a normal, first-time dad.

Tell us: Would you let your partner try your breast milk?

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