Kramer's sweet message to her estranged husband Mike Caussin on Father's Day celebrates the love the parents share for their baby girl, and it's perfect.
Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin ACM Awards
Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Okay, Jana Kramer, we're officially impressed.

Despite troubles in her marriage, the country star and new mom took the high road on Father's Day and posted a sweet message to her estranged husband Mike Caussin on Instagram.

As a caption to a precious photo of Caussin with their 16-month-old daughter Jolie Rae on his shoulders, Kramer wrote, "We may not have the perfect fairytale love story but what is perfect between us is our little girl."

Kramer, who separated from her hubby of two years after he was reportedly unfaithful to her, added, "Happy Father's day to Jolie's daddy. There's one thing we can for sure always agree're an amazing father and she's so lucky to have you."

Um, aspirational much?

Indeed, it is truly amazing that Kramer can put her differences with, and hurt feelings toward Caussin aside to focus on parenting their little girl. Because positivity and supporting one another as co-parents like this will absolutely benefit Jolie.

Here's hoping Kramer's example will serve to inspire other parents who find themselves in similar, difficult situations. There can be no doubt challenges will arise for every estranged co-parenting couple, but putting the health and happiness of your kids first seems to always be the right choice.

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