Is This the Most Powerful Baby in the World?

Your baby may have a hunky dad (Esmeralda Amada), a gorgeous mom (Wyatt Kutcher), or a birthright that 99 percent of us can only dream of (Prince George). But according to, she's nowhere near as powerful as North West.

Kimye's progeny took top honors in its tongue-in-cheek power rankings, which lists celeb babies under 3 who "could probably legally emancipate themselves and go on to flourish." But it wasn't just her famous parents who landed her in the number-one spot. Nori is perfectly capable of creating a buzz for herself, thankyouverymuch. As the article pointed out, a recent photo of her wearing a regular-looking skunk costume nabbed 1.6 million (!) likes on Instagram. Sure, #BreaktheInternet mom Kim posted it to her zillion followers, but the fact remains that we can't get enough of the adorable tot. And who can blame us? She may not be potty-trained yet, but she's already living a life of the rich and famous: wearing bespoke Balmain blazers, painting Hermes handbags, and piercing her ears with ice skating rink-sized diamond studs. The girl oozes power. Well, power and haute couture.

But perhaps nothing cements North's boss status quite like seeing who she edged out. Rounding out the top five are Blue Ivy (#2), Esmeralda Gosling (#3), Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake's still-unconfirmed baby-to-be (impressive at #4), and Prince George (surprisingly low at #5). Last on the list? Snooki's mini meatball, Giovanna LaValle (#113).

Now it's your turn: Do you think North West is the most powerful baby in the world? Who would be at the top of your list?

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Photo of North West courtesy of Kim Kardashian via Instagram

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