If you aren't taking part in the #pumpkinbutt trend, are you even celebrating Halloween?

By Lauren Pardee

Love it or hate it, the viral #pumpkinbutt trend of babies posing with their bare bottoms painted like pumpkins is sweeping social media pages everywhere. There seems to be no denying the cuteness factor, but the jury is still out on what is deemed appropriate.

For the most part, the public has responded positively to the "rumpkin" craze, with an overwhelming number of shares to Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.

But not everyone is on board. Mommy blogger Gina Fenton took to sammichespsychmeds.com to write, "Say No To Pumpkin Butts!" where she shared her opinion that, "I suppose my comfort meter alarms over-the-top at the mere thought of anyone restraining (they absolutely are holding them against their will) a baby so they can festively decorate their privates with paint." Fenton goes on to say, "Worse yet is posting these humiliating photos on the Internet for everyone and their brother to copy, paste and pin to Pinterest where the copy-paste-post cycle will repeat for all of eternity. Soon enough, Pumpkin Butt will grow into a child with emotions who’s capable of independent thought and will more than likely resent the hell out of the artist."

Do you agree with Fenton, or think her plea to leave a child's bottom off social media a tad dramatic? Leave it to Twitter users to be all over the controversial subject:

Yes, there are critics but it seems the rest of the world can't get enough of the, ahem, cheeky, Halloween-themed pictures:

It doesn't seem like this trend is fading out anytime soon. We'll have to wait and see if #turkeybutt is next.



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