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Hi! I'm Erika, and this is All About Babies—the newest, well, baby on the blogging block. If you love babies (and have one—or are about to) you've come to the right place.

I'm so excited to help bring (or should I say birth) this brand-new blog into the world! From celebrity babies and headline-making parenting trends to viral videos and the latest health news, I'll be blogging here about the intersection of parenting, pop culture, and the under-2 set.

I'm also the mom of two sweet, rambunctious boys, ages 7 and 2 1/2, and so I know the awesome joys and challenges of those early parenting days, from the pressure of picking the perfect (for our family) baby names, to figuring out breastfeeding (both times!), to that crazy-emotional drama known as "going back to work after baby." I've nursed on a New York City subway (thank you, Mayim Bialik, for doing it before me); I've given up on sleep training; I kiss my kids on the lips (thank you, Jessica Alba, for thinking it's weird not to do that).

I've been writing about pregnancy and parenting for as long as I've been a mama, and I love the fact that my everyday life influences and inspires my work. (Been there, doing that...and writing about it!) I hope that you'll join me here each day as you navigate your own new-motherhood journey. And I'd love to know: Which celebrity parents inspire or irritate you? Who and what do you want to read about?