A family opted to head to IKEA for their family photo shoot—and we can't blame 'em. Our homes never look as good as the store's showrooms either!

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt

Have you ever walked through an IKEA store and wondered why you can't seem to get your own home to look nearly as perfect as the store's displays...even though you've purchased most of the pieces on the floor?

If so, you're not alone—we often wish we could live within the scenes at the chain's locations, too. With that in mind, we can totally understand why one adorable family chose to shoot photos at their local IKEA.

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The Lovely Lens Photography

Amber and Steven Cox knew they wanted to find an unusual setting and theme for a photoshoot with their seven-month-old son, Ezra—luckily, Amber knew just the person to bring this vision to life: She enlisted photographer Tammi Camp of The Lovely Lens Photography.

The Lovely Lens Photography

"Amber and I have been friends for about five or six years—she's actually another local photographer here in Saint Louis," Camp told Parents.com. "She had come to me about doing a family session for her, and we wanted to do something different and unique. We were just talking about different things that they do as a family, different things that they're into. We had talked about IKEA and our love for [the store]. It just sort of clicked that this is where we should do the shoot, since they go there multiple times a week."

The Lovely Lens Photography

Camp specializes in non-traditional photography, so a photo shoot like this is right in her wheelhouse. Still, we're so struck by the original idea she and this sweet family conceived! Photo shoots at beloved chains are trending right now—see: This mom, who shot her maternity photos at Target; this teen, who opted for McDonald's-themed senior pictures; and this baby who celebrated Taco Bell at her smash cake session. We're into this family's choice to take these sweet photos at a store they love so much—these images definitely tell their story!



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