Well, this is one way to put a baby in a crib!

By Melissa Willets

We all know that delicate dance. The one where your baby's asleep in your arms, and you ever-so-slowly, carefully, deliberately transition him or her into the crib. One false move and it's over. The baby's awake again, and the entire shushing and swaying process starts all over again.

Brett B/YouTube

For one height-challenged grandma named Valerie Sharp, the jig was up when her attempt to place her granddaughter, Lola, in bed, basically failed in the most awesomely, hilariously spectacular way. Luckily for us, the LOL incident was caught on nursery cam, and posted to YouTube by her daughter Nikki Bishop.

First, Sharp climbs up on a stool near the crib, and tries to lower the baby into the crib. But she loses her balance, and well, let's just say Lola wasn't the only person in the crib a few seconds later.

Brett B/YouTube

Uh-oh. Did she wake up?

Brett B/YouTube

Um, yup!

"It kind of happened rather quickly," Sharp told the Today show. "I was so thankful that the way that I had her in my arms my body didn't touch her or hit her in any way as I went down."

Yes, the 5-foot-tall grandma's now-viral crib dive could have ended with far worse consequences than waking the baby. Silver lining: More than 36 million people have had a good laugh!

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