Chanel Nicole has made her debut, and her social following is already bigger than most adults.

By Melissa Willets
November 30, 2015
Ice-T Coco and baby Chanel
Credit: Baby Chanel Nicole/Instagram

Ice-T and Coco's baby is finally here, and is it any surprise she already has her own Twitter and Instagram accounts, and an army of followers? In only a matter of two days, the mini-reality star has garnered an astonishing 20K-plus followers on the former social site, and more than 90K followers on the latter!

In an adorable first shot of baby Chanel Nicole posted to Instagram, the caption read, "Just born and sharing a skin to skin contact moment with Mom." The photo features a proud-looking papa, and his beautiful wife, fully made up (natch!) and glowing as only a new mom can.

Baby Chanel came three weeks early on Thanksgiving weekend, and was born after just three pushes, according to her mom.

The 5.7-pound beauty shared this as one of her first tweets: "Ok!!!! Girls I've been here 1 day so it's time to get this 'Fashion Show' started!! Once I take this nap.. It's on." Of course, the update was accompanied by a photo of the star couple's darling daughter dressed in a girly hat with a big, frilly bow.

Baby Chanel Nicole on Twitter
Credit: Baby Chanelworld/Twitter

Another early tweet reads, "This is me when I just touched down chillin with mom.. I love her. Dads cool too!" In the accompanying photo, Coco wears a Chanel necklace in homage to her new daughter.

Here's wishing the fashionable family every happiness as they enjoy their early days with their little girl! We can't wait to see what Chanel Nicole tweets out and shares on Instagram next!

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