Ever thought about putting your baby to work around the house? This dad will show you how.

By Hollee Actman Becker
June 29, 2016
how to dad video
Credit: How to Dad/YouTube

There are lots of amazing milestones during the first few years of having kids: the first few steps, the first words, the first day out of diapers. But for me, there was no greater cause for celebration than the first time my kids were finally old enough to help me carry in the groceries.


If only Jordan Watson, the dude behind the viral YouTube series How to Dad, had been around back then to show me how to get my kids in on the chore action sooner. Because according to this New Zealand dad, all you have to do, apparently, is ask.

"They're babies, they'll do anything, so just ask them to do it," he explains in his latest mock-instructional installment called, "How to get a baby to clean the house."

The video opens with him asking his little girl to do the dishes, then cuts to her standing on a step stool in front of the kitchen sink, happily scrubbing away.


Next up: A quick vacuum. How this tiny little toddler manages to maneuver the unwieldy appliance back and forth across the floor is beyond me, but it's some pretty impressive stuff.

So as a reward, Watson hands her a rake and sends her outside to clean up the yard. But unfortunately, she does not seem totally down with her assigned task this time around.

Can't say that I blame her—I wouldn't want to stand barefoot out there in a pile of dirty leaves and sticks, either! Totally unsuitable working conditions!

The young helper redeems herself once back inside, however, by spiffing up the shower and the windows, and grabbing a yellow rag and wiping down the table where her boss has just been lazily kicking back the entire time.

Nice work if you can get it. His little worker bee does however, draw the line when Watson asks her if she does toilets— proving once again that good help is just so hard to find.

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