Parenting can be SO messy. But one mom manages to celebrate the small moments of stillness that take place—and her post about it has gone viral.

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
October 02, 2017

To say parenthood is chaotic would be a major understatement; more often than not, it can be a hot damn mess. But there are small, quiet moments to be found amidst the wildness—sometimes they're right in front of you, sometimes you have to look hard for them. And sometimes, they're happening even when chaos is raging all around.

Morgan Ramsey of Delightful Stills Photography knows this: The mom's post on this very idea has gone viral.

She touched on the importance of taking moments to just be present with your significant other, and to remember what made your relationship in the days before you had kids.

"Sometimes you need to find the calm in the chaos," Ramsey wrote in the Facebook post. "One day, you'll wake up and ask yourself, what am i doing? Why doesn't this feel right? Thats when you realize your, "what would you like to do for fun today? Where should we go out tonight? What would you like to talk about today?" turns into, "will you change the baby's diaper? Can you please help me clean? Will you get up with the baby this time?" and suddenly you’re disconnected from the easy-going, free-loving adventure your life once was. You’re exhausted, you’re disheartened by the lack of attention you show each other. Most of the time, the children come first but don't forget where it all began."

The message accompanies a photo of Ramsey's family: One of her kids has managed to wrangle free of the diaper; the other is tossing cereal into the air. But Ramsey and her partner? They're having a moment of their own looking straight at each other as though they're oblivious to all the chaos around them.

"I decided to post the photo and message to help others who are currently struggling like we were at one point," Ramsey told "I just wanted to share a positive message! I wasn’t expecting it to go viral but I’m incredibly humbled by the interaction I’ve received. So many people are tagging their loved ones and sharing how much they love each other, it’s just very heartwarming!"

Ramsey knows how tough it can be to carve out those moments where you just sit back and appreciate what you have, and she touched on that in her post. But, Ramsey also pointed out that communication is key, and that taking time (even if just a few minutes) out for your partner is so crucial.

Her advice for other couples?

"Things that help us find calm in the chaos are sneaking away for a few minutes, whether it’s the bathroom or on the stairs, and just sneaking in a kiss or a small conversation," she said. "We love to watch movies after the kids to go bed or we’ll hang out together in the kitchen while we cook dinner and just talk about anything random we can think of! Sometimes we'll Google questions to ask each other, we do have date nights sometimes. Since our kids are the first set of grandkids, they go along with their grandparents because they are loved beyond recognition. Other times, If life is too busy for them, we actually pay a babysitter to keep them for several hours. Go online and I guarantee you, you’ll find tons of qualified sitters near you! Communication is key to surviving this crazy, fun-filled parenting job."

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