This officially confirms Ryan Reynolds is the cutest husband on Earth.

blake lively mad at ryan reynolds
Credit: Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Even famous dads get themselves in trouble with their wives, it seems. Such was the case for Ryan Reynolds, who accidentally revealed the gender of his second child with Blake Lively during an appearance on "Conan" this week. The actor confirmed he is a dad of two girls (daughter James is 2), and joked about there being "a lot of estrogen" in his house.

Oops. Because up until that point, the star couple had not revealed the sex of their baby, nor the name.

But can you blame Reynolds? No sleep, plus the fact that gender-specific pronouns are kind of part of our language, make keeping secrets like that kinda tough.

Lively wasn't too hard on her hunky hubby, though, mainly because he knows the way back into her heart. The actress posted a photo of a tasty treat Reynolds brought home for her to Instagram along with this caption: "The ways I know that @vancityreynolds got himself into huge trouble on @teamcoco tonight: Not only did he come home with my true love, @levain_bakery cookies, but he personally toasted them for me and brought me a cup of milk WITH ICE. Literal brownie points. #IfYoureABirdImABird."

Still, the star dad's faux pas begs the question: Why is it so important to Lively that the gender of their baby be kept secret? It could be that she just wants to protect the family's privacy; after all, so much of their lives is in the public eye. Or, is it possible that Lively is into the new-ish trend of keeping kids' genders under wraps to avoid stereotyping them too early?

Either way, we can't wait to see what Reynolds brings his wife after he slips and shares his new baby girl's name!

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