Hold the Phone: A Breastfeeding Emoji Is Here!

Finally! Apple just released a whole new set of emojis—and an image of a breastfeeding mom is among the new offerings.
Courtesy of Apple

Have you ever wished you could reply to a "what are you doing?" text with a single emoji that reflected your current situation? If so, you're in luck—that is, if you're a breastfeeding mom. 

Apple announced on Friday, October 6 that the breastfeeding emoji, along with hundreds of new, hotly anticipated symbols for your iPhone, will be available next week on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11.1! In a statement, the company explained that "the new emoji are designed to reveal every detail and adapted from approved characters in Unicode 10." In addition to the breastfeeding woman, you'll soon be able to use emojis like Woman with Headscarf, Bearded Person, Zombie, Person in Lotus Position and new food items such as Sandwich and Coconut. Also included in the update is the Love-You Gesture, designed after the “I love you” hand sign in American Sign Language. What an exciting development. Finally, breastfeeding mamas will have their very own, go-to emoji!

In July, Apple CEO Tim Cook first tweeted out an announcement that iPhone users will have access to a new range of emojis.

As our sister site, Fit Pregnancy, previously reported, there's been demand for a breastfeeding emoji: Last year, a nurse named Rachel Lee actually submitted a proposal to Unicode, the creator of the emoji keyboard, requesting such an image.

This doesn't just offer real moms a practical solution to a modern-day mama dilemma (it's way easier to just hit that emoji button than type out "I'm breastfeeding right now.") It's also a powerful step in the movement to #NormalizeBreastfeeding. Apple's decision to represent what breastfeeding moms do every single day on such a public forum matters: It might even help more people understand that breastfeeding is a natural thing that shouldn't be shamed or stigmatized.

The announcement of this year's crop of emojis came on World Emoji Day.

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