Hipster Haven Coachella Just Got Way More Mom-Friendly

The popular music and art festival is offering mom-friendly breastfeeding and pumping areas for the first time.
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We know moms are no strangers to the music festival scene (hey, just because you've had a kid doesn't mean you stop leaving the house!). But as a new mama, it can be tricky to do a weekend-long festival when you've got a tiny human to care for—that is until now. This weekend, California's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will for the first time have a designated mobile pumping station and breastfeeding salon.

The mobile truck is brought to you by fashion platforms FabKids and JustFab, in partnership with breast milk delivery service Milk Stork, which will provide 72-hour refrigeration units for mamas who want to pump, then party. Meanwhile, breastfeeding moms can enjoy air conditioning, refreshments, and a ton of baby swag.

Here's just a taste of what lucky Coachella-bound moms can expect to find inside The Fab Mom Lounge:

  • Double electric breast pumps
  • Hands-Free Pumping Bras (Simple Wishes)
  • Nursing covers (Itzy Ritzy)
  • Bamboobies (nipple covers)
  • Milkmakers Lactation Cookies
  • Insulated Coolers (branded with "We're Gaga for Moms")
  • Deconstructed FabKids gift bags with accessories such as hats and sunglasses

Maggie Dawkins, VP of merchandising and production for FabKids, said in a press release, "Coachella draws thousands to the desert every spring, but we can't forget about moms. The FabMom Lounge is designed to bring a clean and comfortable space to new parents who need a break from the fest to chill out and reenergize."

Moms can use the space however they like, she explained, "Whether that means pumping, charging their phones, or calling home to check in, FabKids is focused on making moms and their little ones a priority without sacrificing a good time. We hope all the fabulous moms can enjoy this dedicated space and embrace our mission to support and empower moms everywhere."

She also told Parents.com, "We are always thinking about moms and how to make their lives easier." In this case, Dawkins says more and more moms are heading to Coachella. "She's going to get away, or going with her family. What we found was that there wasn't a dedicated space for moms."

Well, now there is! So to the tired, in-need-of-recharging, breastfeeding or pumping, or pregnant mamas who will be attending the cultural phenomenon known as Coachella, FabKids has got your back!

Join the conversation online about The Fab Mom Lounge using the hashtag #GagaForMoms.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and soon-to-be mom of 4. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of yoga.

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