Hipster Fav to the Rescue: Olivia Wilde's 'Cliche' Breast Milk Bag Hack

Out of breast milk bags? Try Olivia Wilde's Pinterest-worthy pumping hack.
Olivia Wilde/Instagram

What do you do when you're pumping breast milk for your 7-week-old while on vacation in a random Airbnb, and you suddenly realize you've run out of storage bags? If you're me, you scream bloody murder until someone in the house brings you up some Ziplocs. But if you're Olivia Wide, you MacGuyer up your own solution using every DIY-er's favorite go-to prop—the Mason jar.

That's right, over the weekend Wilde took to Instagram to share a shot of herself pumping liquid gold into a glass jar for her 7-week-old daughter, Daisy. "Ultimate cliché status reached," the Vinyl star wrote in the caption. "Pumping milk into mason jars. Ran out of storage bags. Rookie move. Big thanks to the plant for really perking up for this photo. Also thanks to the Airbnb owner for the use of said mason jars." Then she added the hashtag #pumped.

Pretty awesome. Not only was this a total rockstar move, but many of Wilde's fans stopped by to share in the post's comment that they found her predicament totally relatable:

"Been. There. Do what you gotta do Mama," wrote one.

"I've had to pump into a coffee cup before," added another. "What us mothers do..."

And from a third: "This is what a positive role model looks like!"

True story. Pump on, mama!

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