Here's the Reason Why JWoww Feels "Disrespected as a Mother"

When the Jersey Shore star posted photos of Meilani dressed as her mini me, complete with fake boobs, JWoww thought it was a cute way to show the mommy-daughter resemblance. While some found the 6-month-old's "boob job" adorable and clever, others (including a few media sites) questioned her decision to make her baby more adult-like.

Not one to sit back, JWoww called out some of her haters on Insta and pointed out the photo "was a joke and in good fun." She also addressed the criticism with Perez Hilton, sharing her anger and surprise at the backlash. "It really pushed me over the edge. It's really disrespectful...disrespecting me as a mother and questioning my ability as a mom," she said. She also compared all the negative negative feedback to "online bullying."

JWoww isn't the first celeb mom who has been criticized as a mom. Last year, Bethenny Frankel faced haters when she posted a selfie while dressed in her daughter's Hello Kitty pajamas. And J.Crew's Jenna Lyons came under fire for sharing a photo of her son wearing pink nail polish. Katie Holmes also felt the need to defend her decisions to let Suri wear high heels and red lipstick.

Personally, I believe it's one thing to dress your kid in a way that sexualizes her and another thing to dress her in a funny outfit. And JWoww clearly isn't trying to sexualize her kid (I mean, for comparison, just look at the girls on Toddlers & Tiaras?). She's clearly trying to poke fun at her own image.

By standing up to her haters, JWoww says, "I hope Meilani will have the same backbone as I just have to feel confident in what you do and yourself and parenting skills..." We're sure JWoww will take a page out of Taylor Swift's book and just shake it off.

What criticisms have you received, and how have you responded?

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Image: Photo of baby Meilani from JWoww's Twitter account.

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