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And by running with it, they ended up creating Dinovember, a monthlong game that's way more exciting than the one-night candy binge of Halloween. Each night in November, the creative couple create wild adventures for the dinosaurs -- everything from drawing on the walls to breaking into the pantry to making messy homemade volcanoes in the kitchen. And every morning, their delighted children bound out of bed, dying to see what madcap adventures their silly toys had overnight. (Side note: The Tumas may have come up with the best reason to postpone putting the toys away at night.)

Dinovember has been such a success that Refe and Susan have kept it going for two years now, and the game has even inspired other families to get into the spirit. To get the creative juices flowing -- and swap some pretty fantastic ideas with other families -- the Tumas regularly post the dinosaurs' handiwork on social media, and now, they've written a book about it, reportsWhat the Dinosaurs Did Last Night will be released October 28 and chronicles the creatures' hijinks with hysterical photos and even funnier captions. But don't take my word for it -- see a sampling below for yourself:

For a species that still sleeps on the ground, the comforts of the modern world are a constant source of entertainment.

Tell us: Think you'll try some form of #Dinovember this year?

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All images courtesy of Dinovember via Facebook 


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