Heart-Stopping Video Shows Moment 9-Year-Old Catches Baby Brother Falling From Changing Table

This incredible caught-on-tape moment serves as a great reminder that everything can change in just one moment.

A 9-year-old Florida boy may have saved his 11-month-old brother from being badly injured when he nearly fell off a changing table onto a wood floor. But big brother Joseph says an angel pushed him to catch little Eitan. And the miraculous moment was recorded on a baby monitor video.

Mom Tila Levi admitted to ABC News that at first, she didn't want to share the video of Eitan nearly plunging off the changing table because she was understandably "embarrassed." At the time the baby fell, she had just changed him, and was distracted by her 6-year-old son Zion who was asking a question about his homework.

In the moment she turned away—because as all parents know, it only takes a moment—Eitan flipped from his back to his tummy, and would have completed his 360 degree roll right onto the hardwood floor beneath him. That's when Joseph, who wasn't even in the room at the time, dashed in, and in one quick movement skidded to his knees, catching Eitan and breaking his fall.

According to ABC News, Eitan did hit his leg on the floor, but Joseph prevented the 30-pound tot's head from making impact. A grateful Levi pulls both of her boys to her, and comforts them, as this was likely a very traumatic moment for everyone; her especially! Meanwhile, as if young Joseph wasn't impressive enough already, consider that he refused a reward gift from his grandparents, saying it was enough for him to help his little bro.

On Election Day, Levi decided to go ahead and post the hard-to-watch video to Facebook to attempt to "change the tone of the day." She says, "We all experience miracles every day," and adds, "My baby had an angel by his side." Levi also told ABC News, "My message is to parents: Enjoy your kids. Protect them as much as you can. At the end of the day, in a second, everything can change."

I couldn't agree with her more. Because as much as we may have that jerk response to judge Levi for turning away from her son on the changing table, the truth is, we have all been there. Distracted. Not thinking of a hidden danger, perhaps. And then, just like that, your baby pulls an iron fire poker down on herself. Or grabs that loose change and puts it in her mouth. Or pulls the dog's tail, just a bit too aggressively.

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The most important thing we can do is try our very best to think through each situation and what the dangers are. In the case of changing table safety, you obviously never want to turn away from your baby, and in fact, the safest thing you can do to prevent a fall is to practice so-called "touch supervision," in which you are never to far away that you can't touch him or her. Also:

  • Gather everything you need for a change ahead of time, so everything you need is within arm's reach.
  • Buckle the safety belt on the changing table pad.
  • Secure the changing pad to the changing table to prevent it from moving or sliding off.
  • Bring your baby with you if you have to leave to get something.
  • Never place the changing table (or other nursery furniture) near a window to prevent a fall or strangulation via a window treatment or blind cord.
  • Above all, never underestimate your baby's ability to start rolling!

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