Hayden Panettiere Deserves a Standing Ovation for Her Continued Honesty About PPD

Panettiere has reason to smile after seeking treatment for PPD, and we are smiling right along with her!
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Thank you, Hayden Panettiere, for continuing to be so refreshingly candid about your struggles with postpartum depression.

While walking the red carpet at the Critics' Choice Awards this past weekend, the veteran actress said the experience felt "so new" after seeking treatment.

"It feels different for me because of things that I've gone through recently, over the last year. I've really gone, 'You know what, I've been in this industry for so long, forget it!' I've been hiding myself. Just putting out the smiling face, showing people this, and allowing that veil to come down—it's like a weight off my shoulders," the Nashville star told People magazine.

Since Panettiere and fiance Wladimir Klitschko welcomed daughter Kaya Evdokia in 2014, she has been open about her pain. "Honestly, when I said [I had PPD] the first time on Kelly and Michael I didn't plan on it," she admitted. "We talked about it for a second, but it was just like a conversation, and I was like, 'Why should I be ashamed or hide when it costs so much?' It costs me so much to hide. It costs you so much to lie."

Postpartum depression is more common than you may think. Dr. Judy Greene explains the symptoms of postpartum depression, from mild to severe, and also advises how new moms can seek treatment.

The star says she has been floored by the positive response from the public and that it has even been a gift. But ultimately, this is about her, and her daughter. "The only important thing to me is that I'm not causing myself pain and discomfort anymore, and I can be a strong woman for my daughter to look up to. It would be horrible for me to be going, 'You can be whomever you want! You can do whatever you want in life!' yet I was unable to follow the same words," Panettiere said.

I only wish more Hollywood moms would be as candid as she is about all the struggles they face, from PPD, to trying to lose the baby weight, to balancing motherhood with their career. Because I'm often thinking, 'It can't be as easy for them as they make it seem!' Clearly, it's not; Panettiere is just willing to say so!

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