Have You Babyproofed Your Phone Charger?

Reminder: It's just as dangerous as the outlet it's plugged into. 

When my kids were little, I would let them play with just about anything that had caught their attention—whether it was my wallet, my phone, or even a stray tampon wrapper—as long as it kept them busy. But there's a huge danger in allowing our children to entertain themselves with our stuff that many of us may overlook, which is why this now-viral post on Facebook from Kentucky mom Courtney Davis is so important.

"On Sept 28th my 19 month old stuck my phone charger in her mouth," she wrote. "We went to the Dr. who confirmed that it was an electrical burn."

According to Davis, the charger was a store-bought model that fits a Samsung Note 5. And while it wouldn't have normally been left in a spot where her daughter Gabby could reach it while plugged in, she'd had a busy day and didn't have time to move it.

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"It took all of a few seconds for her to get burned," she explained. "She had never tried to put it in her mouth and she had never messed with it. The one day it isn't moved she stuck it in her mouth and got a severe burn. Parents, Grandparents, babysitters etc please put your chargers up out of reach."

An important reminder that a charger can cause serious electrical burns while plugged in, and we're so grateful to Davis for sharing her scary story. According to a recent update, Gabby's mouth is now starting to look better, and she will be referred to a plastic surgeon for future care.

Get better soon, baby girl!

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