Guess Which Celeb Got Personal for World Breastfeeding Week?

Forget cleanses and power yoga -- breastfeeding is the new black among celeb moms. Case in point: A couple of weeks ago, we saw Gwen Stefani nursing 5-month-old Apollo during a trip to Switzerland. Then earlier this week, it was a pretty Glamour magazine pic of mama Olivia Wilde feeding her newborn son, Otis. Now musician Alanis Morissette is joining in with her breastfeeding selfie. In the sweet shot, the rocker mom is nursing her then one-year-old son, Ever, during her 2012 European tour.

Candid lyrics aside, the singer/songwriter is famously private but decided to post the throwback pic on social media to help promote World Breastfeeding Week. The seven-day event is designed raise awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding and help garner support for nursing moms around the globe. The personal photo should come as no surprise to her fans -- the artist has made no secret of her opinion about breastfeeding. "I'll breastfeed, and I'll be breastfeeding until my son is finished and he weans," she said during a 2012 interview with Access Hollywood. "I think it affords the child, when he grows up, to have a lot less therapy to go to. For me, I protect his safety and his well-being and his attachment. That stage of development is a very important stage."

Well, I'm not sure about that whole therapy part, but I do agree that nursing is a great thing to do for your baby. The health benefits are numerous, and the bonding opportunities it gives you are tough to beat (trust me on that one). If you have the desire to do it -- and the supply -- it's a no-brainer. And even though the "breast is best" mantra is preached during practically every pre-natal visit and in all the pregnancy books, I think it helps if unsure moms-to-be can see other people do it -- and, in Alanis's case, be proud of it.

Tell us: Would you share a breastfeeding selfie with your Facebook or Instagram friends?

Image of Alanis Morissette and Ever via Alanis Morisette on Instagram

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