Graco has issued a recall for over 1.9 million harness buckles on certain infant and toddler car seats manufactured between July 2010 and May 2013, after consumers complained they were tough to open. Among the various models affected are Snug Ride, Snug Ride 30, Snug Ride 35, Argos 70, My Ride 65 and My Ride 70. (Check out the full list of infant and toddler car seats affected.)

To find out if your buckle is being recalled, visit and enter the model and date of manufacture. You can find that info on the white label on the bottom or back of the car seat. If your car seat is on the list -- or you just want to upgrade your buckle to the updated, easier-to-open design -- fill out the online order form and Graco will send you a free replacement kit. According to the company, your current car seat is perfectly safe to use while you're waiting for the replacement buckle to come in. In fact, to help make it easier to operate in the interim, Graco recommends giving the buckle a thorough cleaning.

For more information, visit or contact customer service by calling 877-766-7470 or emailing

Tell us: How often (if ever) do you clean your child's car seat?

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