Rude comments about breastfeeding need to stop now, according to a photographer who is passionate about normalizing nursing in public.


"Can you go to the bathroom?"

"Isn't he too big?"

"You should use a blanket."

What mom who breastfeeds her baby hasn't heard one of these rude comments from a stranger? Indeed, at time where shaming moms for nursing their own babies seems to be an epidemic, photographer Nicki Kaylor has shared an inspiring collection of images aimed at normalizing the natural act of breastfeeding by juxtaposing beautiful, natural image of the moms breastfeedng with signs displaying the disparaging remarks they've heard about their choice to breastfeed.

can you go to the bathroom

Explaining her project on Facebook, and speaking out for nursing moms everywhere, Kaylor writes, "The judgment and awkward stares against breastfeeding need to end. Nurturing your child from your body is something SO special. It's not as easy as everyone thinks. It takes a lot of determination. From constant nursing, comfort nursing, the let down, hearing a child cry in the store and your breast fill up with milk even though its not your child..(YES! that happens!) Mothers who breastfeed should be APPLAUDED, not judged nor stared at."

She commends the nine mamas who took part in her photo series for remaining fierce and determined in the face of criticism.

"Through any catty remarks.. They still stand PROUDLY nursing," Kaylor declares, adding about the unsolicited judgmental comments moms who breastfeed hear, "These remarks are NOT okay. If you see a mother nursing her child in public, Please do not approach her with rude words. Smile and continue on your way or tell her how AWESOME she is!"

isn't he too big

"I put this series together because there's so much judgment against mothers nursing their babies in public," Kaylor told Parents. "Absolutely no mother should be in public, feeling ashamed because her baby is hungry and she has to feed it. I did this as a movement. Simply to normalize breastfeeding. That it's okay to nurse your baby in public even if you don't have something to cover up with."

you should use a blanket

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About the response to her project the Tennessee-based photographer tells us, "There's been a few people who comment with rude remarks on the album but overall, nursing mothers love the series. Some referred it as 'refreshing to see' because they've had the same stares and comments as well."

Have you heard rude comments while nursing your baby?

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