Pinterest reports that searches for "godparent proposals" are up 152%. Get ready for this major 2019 trend.

By Maressa Brown
January 07, 2019
Credit: Natalia Deriabina/Shutterstock

January 7, 2019

Pinterest has the inside track on everything that's hot in the year ahead. The Pinterest 100: The top trends for 2019 sneak peek gave us the scoop on kids' birthday party trends on the rise, nursery decor trends, and also pointed out that parents are stepping up their game when it comes to asking loved ones to become their child's godparent. Pinterest noted that searches for "godparent proposals" are up 152%.

Yep, forget proposals of marriage, bridal party proposals, and "prom-posals," which have been big for a while now! Parents are looking for sweet, fun, unique ways to "pop the question" to godparents-to-be. 

Pinterest serves as the perfect place to find all manner of swag for doing this, including godparent proposal mugs, Christmas tree ornaments, glasses, cards with bracelets, and onesies.

Beyond that, parents can order a puzzle, keepsake box, card, or personalized wine label for their godparent proposal. ABC News reports that one of the most popular Etsy stores getting in on the ground floor of the trend is Chelsea Smith's PapersWithLove, which sells wine bottle labels for many occasions, including godparent proposals.

Smith attested to the rise in popularity of the trend, telling Good Morning America, "It is such a meaningful role to play in a child’s life so I think parents want to propose to godparents in a meaningful and memorable way. Plus, who doesn’t love a bottle of wine to celebrate such a big occasion?"

Smith makes a point. A godparent proposal may seem "extra" to parents who feel an old-fashioned verbal request will do the trick. But for others, a little extra research and planning of a full-fleged godparent proposal may be well worth the sweet memory it's sure to create.


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