Formerly Conjoined Twin Babies Can Finally Go Home

Here's some happy news to start your day: Formally conjoined twins Owen and Emmett Ezell, 9 months, are expected to leave the hospital for the first time today!

Their happy parents, Jenni and Dave, appeared on the Today Show this morning to share their good news: "I'm so excited I'm shaking," said Jenni. "It's been such a long journey and we have finally arrived."

The baby boys were born joined at the chest and abdomen in July and underwent surgery in August at the Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas to separate a major blood vessel. They've been in the neonatal intensive care unit ever since, and Jenni and Dave have documented the entire journey on their family blog.

When the twins arrive at home (the family is from Oklahoma but currently living in Dallas), their parents will be taking care of their tracheotomy tubes, gastronomy tubes, and their nutrition, along with other needs. "We're absolutely nervous about it. We have to learn how to basically be their 24-hour nursing care, as well as their parents," Jenni said on the Today Show. "I think the parenting part is going to be the easy part."

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