The fitness model mom who sparked an Internet battle with her baby-bump-comparison photo has welcomed a healthy baby boy.

Credit: Instagram/Chontel Duncan

Fit mom Chontel Duncan and her DJ husband Sam welcomed a healthy baby boy on Friday! And you can bet there will be burpees in this little champ's future.

"Introducing Little D Jeremiah Thomas Duncan," Duncan wrote on Instagram, where she broke the news with an adorable pic of the little guy. "Born: 'good Friday' 8:24pm 25th March 2016. Healthy happy baby boy, he is extremely alert and very strong shocking the staff here with his arms and neck strength. Absolute champion on the boob & feeding very regularly no problem. Love at first sight I have now experienced. I love Jeremiah T Duncan so much it's crazy."


Duncan, of course, is the fitness model and bodybuilder who sparked a debate across the Internet earlier this month when she posted a photo comparing her teeny tiny baby bump to a friend's burgeoning belly, due four weeks earlier. The brouhaha began when people started complaining that belly-to-belly shot made all the pregnant women who didn't look as crazy fit as Duncan feel bad.


And also...really?

Can't a woman—who happens to make her living from being in shape, mind you—do anything without being judged these days? If Duncan wants to celebrate her changing body and her friend is down with coming along for the ride, then who are the rest of us to complain?

Why do we all insist on taking everything so personally? We all have different strengths, different weakness, and different attributes to be proud of. If I post a picture where, say, my eyes look especially green (purple eyeliner, great trick!), it's not a diss to all the women out there with brown eyes. It's simply a picture of me, with green eyes.

I have a friend who looked very much like Duncan the last time she was preggers—and that was with her third! Girl's got great genes. Did I feel a little like a whale every time I stood next to her, pregnant with my second and much, much bigger? Heck yeah, I did. But that's not her fault. That's my own stuff.

Duncan seems to get all this, however, because none of the backlash kept her from continuing to document her pregnancy with amazing belly shots. She also hasn't missed a beat when it comes to posting pics of Jeremiah—who she's adorably been referring to as "Miah." And today, we got the first tease of her post-baby bod on Instagram, via an image of Duncan in a sports bra, taken from behind.

"How's the stomach?" asked one of her followers in the comment section.

No doubt the answer to that question—in picture form—will be coming soon.

Post it if you got it, Mama!

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.