Facebook Wants to See MORE of Your Baby Photos

Facebook Scrapbook feature

If you love sharing baby pics on Facebook, the social media giant has rolled out a new feature (available on desktop and mobile) that will help you organize photos better.

Scrapbook is the latest innovation by Facebook product manager Dan Barak, who came up with the idea after becoming a dad nine months ago.

In the official Facebook press release, Barak shared, "Over the past few months, I've noticed the more pictures I shared of my son on Facebook, the more scattered they became across my different photo albums—I needed a better way to organize them. And, I found myself tagging my wife in photos of my son so her friends could see them, too."

One of the best things about Scrapbook is its tagging feature, which allows parents to create customized tags for their kids so that all the tagged photos go into one particular album (or scrapbook, if you will). Tagging can only be done by the child's parents so there's more control over who's showing off your kids' photos.

The feature is particuarly helpful because kids under 13 are not allowed to create a Facebook account, although most parents often get around the rule by creating pages for their babies to share photos/updates. But fear not -- if you're a parent who did this, you can still add the Scrapbook feature to your child's page.

With 65 percent of parents sharing baby photos and tagging their partners on Facebook, this new feature will certainly help moms and dads compile their photos easily.

Get started by going to the About section on your account and clicking Family and Relationships. And watch the video below for more info!


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Photo courtesy of Facebook's official press release

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