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June 11, 2014
Facebook Is Now Okay with Your Breastfeeding Selfie...Kind Of 25369

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook quietly made a major change to its breastfeeding photo policy. Now, a nursing mom who snaps a selfie during a feeding can upload the picture of her "fully exposed breast" (read: a visible nipple or areola) without worrying whether site administrators will take it down.

Well, sort of.

While officially, Facebook no longer considers a peek of (gasp!) a nipple during baby's mealtime obscene or offensive, it does seem to be struggling to enforce that rule equally. For example, the site recently yanked down a photo posted by Abby from The Badass Breastfeeder that showed her children nursing in tandem, even though there was nary a nipple in sight. (The social networking site didn't offer a reason, according to, but it's worth noting that almost all the photos site administrators review are ones users complain about.)

Still, growing pains aside, I think the updated policy is a step in the right direction and an online—and offline—win for moms who breastfeed. After all, as Soraya Chemaly points out on the Huffington Post, the double standard surrounding women exposing their breasts is alive and well outside of Facebook, and it's something many nursing mamas experience firsthand. During the year I breastfed my son, I ran into more than my fair share of disgusted looks whenever the nursing cover came out; meanwhile, Miley Cyrus can strip down for a topless photo shoot and no one will bat an eye. So maybe—just maybe—it'll be small shifts, like this one at Facebook, that will help remind people that something as natural as nursing is anything but obscene.

Tell us: What's your take on nursing selfies? Would you post yours on Facebook?

Photo: Image of breastfeeding baby courtesy of Shutterstock