Kristen Bell reveals how she deals with being a working mom, the "rude" thing her kids do, where to get matching family PJs, and more!


Parents recently had the opportunity to talk with actress and mom-of-two Kristen Bell about, well, everything! The star took questions during a Facebook Live chat, and with her usual candor and sense of humor intact, spoke about how she balances a bitchin' career and being a hands-on mom to her daughters, Lincoln, 3, and Delta, 1. Oh, and also how she keeps things hot with hubby Dax Shepard, as well topics ranging from body image post-baby to traveling with kiddos to her fave shows to binge watch!

First, when asked if she has any advice on how to do it all, Bell said, "There is no simple answer to balancing anything." So how does she attack the biggest issue facing working moms around the world? By keeping a positive attitude!

"Nothing good comes out of my negativity," the actress admitted, adding she tries to maintain her patience even during tough moments. "If that means leaving the room when your kids are driving you nuts, great! Then do it," Bell advised.

Hey moms, guess what? Even Kristen Bell sometimes worries about being the perfect parent. But in her opinion that obsession with perfection often means we forget about ourselves. "I find a balance by really prioritizing myself," she said. And no, she doesn't mean she gets massages every day. Sometimes just taking some deep breaths helps Bell center herself and keep going!

Bell offered another awesome tip for frustrated parents: know when you need a break, and call for reinforcements! For the Bad Moms star, that means switching kids with her husband. They also make sure the other has "workout time," which for Bell, may be walking on the treadmill or around the block while enjoying a podcast.

Bell also opened up about having help to raise Lincoln and Delta because she and Shepard work pretty much full time. They rely on his little sister to watch the girls, an arrangement she calls a "trifecta of parenting." For them, it seemingly works perfectly to keep the kiddos in line.

Find out what the actress had to say about her favorite—and least favorite—thing about parenting, as well as her take on stopping the stigma of mental illness, how she approached losing the baby weight she gained while pregnant with her daughters, and so, so much more by watching the rest of Bell's Q&A with Parents on Facebook Live!

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