Just in time for her first Mother's Day, Parents got the chance to catch up with singer and mom Kelly Rowland.

By Caitlin St John
May 08, 2015
Kelly Rowland

Just in time for her first Mother's Day, Parents got the chance to catch up with singer and mom Kelly Rowland at the unveiling of Dreft's newest line of baby-focused laundry products. Although 6-month-old Titan was not in attendance, his mom had a constant reminder of her son with her—a delicate gold necklace with his name etched into it.

The fact is, Rowland is loving motherhood—and finding humor in the not-so-glamorous mommy-moments.

P: What would you say is the one thing that has changed most since you became a mother?

KR: I don't tolerate B-S. I don't like negativity around my son—that's really about it. Certain things I used to let linger, I don't anymore—just because I don't want that energy around my son or myself.

P: Have the past six months with Titan gone by quickly?

KR: Extremely! I feel like I just had him, maybe, two months ago. Today in the car, I was looking at all of these pictures of him and he was so small—and his first bath, and I was like "this is awesome but sad..." because now he's trying to crawl. And it's just, it happened so fast—I don't want another [baby] just yet, but about three or four years.

P: What is one "mom-moment"—good, bad, or ugly—that stands out to you?

KR: Oh, gosh. The airplane that we were on, it didn't have the changing table tray, and I remember Titan was having a moment and making the face, letting me know that it was time to change his diaper. And I was catching poop in my hands and I was like AH! This is happening... This is where it's really real. I remember thinking to myself, "Whoa, I'm a mom... This is not glamorous. You're a mom."

P: Has it become harder to juggle your career and your family?

KR: Sometimes, yes. I will have my moments where when I am working, and I feel bad sometimes. But I realize that he has to have a great life and in order for him to have a great life, I want to continue our lifestyle. I love the fact that I am able to do the things that I am able to do, and go on different vacations and I want him to go to specific schools, and that stuff costs... These things are expensive!—Children, I'm saying! These children are expensive, so I'm just thinking, I have to work and that's really it. I want him to feel safe and comfortable and confident, and a part of that is stability, so I have to work.

P: How are you planning to celebrate your very first Mother's Day?

KR: Just chilling, really, to be honest. If I just have food and my baby, and he's resting on my chest—that's the best, I love it. When me, him, and his dad are in our bed together, it's something really that locks in my world, and just makes me, actually, cry because it's what I've always dreamt. And I know my mom wanted that for me, she wanted me to be married with my child—and it makes me happy—my world is complete.

P: Are there any traditions you hope to start with your family?

KR: I want our house to be packed for Christmas. I mean like Home Alone packed, but we're not venturing off to other cities or countries. I want Titan to know who he is, his identity, his sense of where he comes from. I want him to be deeply rooted in family, so that when he gets older, he doesn't have to go into the world and look for it.

Maybe his first, second, or third birthday if he doesn't know what he wants the theme to be... it's going to be family and cake and ice cream and dancing—that kind of thing.

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